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Investigation Services

General Surveillance

If   you   have   made   the   decision   to   engage   Toowoomba   investigation   services   or   a   Private   Investigator   to   conduct   surveillance,   it's   because you   need   proof,   evidence   or   answers   to   enable   you   to   arrive   at   an   informed   conclusion.      We   can   be   your   “private   eye”   to   accommodate   this requirement.      We   are   equipped   with   the   latest   technology   devices   for   indoor/outdoor   and   day/night   uses,   allowing   up   close   video   evidence.     We are very discreet and low key and are able to gather the required evidence under numerous circumstances.

Infidelity / Cheating Spouses

Our   Investigators   are   very   aware   of   the   anxiety   and   emotional   effects   of   an   infidelity   problem   with   a   cheating   spouse.      We   treat   every   case with   the   utmost   respect   and   professionalism   required.      No   one   likes   to   think   about   a   spouse   being   unfaithful,   but   sometimes   the   signs   just can't   be   ignored.      If   you   want   some   peace   of   mind,   you   can   count   on   our   licensed,   professional   investigators   to   conduct   discreet surveillance.      The   suspicions   of   a   cheating   spouse   under   surveillance   doesn't   always   end   with   bad   news.      Sometimes   we   are   happy   to report   that   your   suspicions   may   be   wrong.      One   way   or   another,   you’ll   get   the   peace   of   mind   you   need   and   we   will   keep   you   continually updated   via   your   preferred   method   of   contact   throughout   the   entire   investigation.      On   completion,   we   can   provide   you   with   a   detailed   and comprehensive report with date and time stamped DVD recordings and photographs, or simply a DVD and basic log summary.

Child Custody / Child Abuse

Child   custody   is   often   the   most   important   and   crucial   issue   in   a   divorce   proceeding.      Regardless   of   any   circumstances,   the   most   important thing   is   the   child's   wellbeing,   safety,   happiness   and   stable   environment.      We   will   conduct   a   thorough   and   precise   investigation   of   your spouse’s   lifestyle,   social,   home   life,   habits   and   general   capabilities   as   a   parent.      We   will   review   our   findings   and   we   will   create   a   body   of proof   that   verifies   their   activities.      Previous   custodial   investigations   have   revealed   neglect,   mistreatment,   malnourishment,   abuse,   and   even slave   labour.      In   a   child   custody   case   you   should   gain   all   of   the   leverage   you   can   to   ensure   your   children's   future   and   safety.      We   can   obtain the evidence you need regardless of the circumstances.

Child Support

In   the   event   that   the   other   parent   of   your   children   is   neglecting   his   or   her   legal   responsibilities   to   pay   child   support,   by   falsely   claiming   they are    unable    to    work    for    some    reason,    while    they    are    in    fact    working,    we    can    gather    the    evidence    to    expose    his    or    her    deception.      Toowoomba Investigations obtains and compiles evidence in a useful way for our clients to provide to Government Agencies for review.


Private    investigators    in    domestic    investigations    are    often    called    upon    to    perform    background    checks    and    conduct    surveillance    on caregivers   for   children,   seniors,   and   pets.      Individuals   may   hire   a   domestic   investigator   to   perform   a   full   background   check   on   a   babysitter, nanny,   or   housekeeper,   for   example,   or   they   may   ask   the   domestic   investigator   to   conduct   surveillance   on   the   caregiver   while   on   the   job.     Domestic   investigators   may   be   hired   to   ensure   that   the   caregiver   is   responsible   and   attentive,   or   they   may   be   hired   when   abuse   or   neglect is suspected. Teenagers Activities As   teenagers   are   growing   up   and   becoming   adults   they   are   at   times   unaware   of   the   consequences   various   situations   can   have,   and   often do   not   think   about   what   would   happen   if   they   placed   themselves   in   danger.      We   can   follow   your   child   without   them   knowing   and   report back exactly what they do, and with whom, at any time of the day or night.  Discover if they are simply associating with the "wrong crowd".


Individuals   concerned   about   a   stalking   issue   with   an   ex-lover,   ex-spouse,   co-worker,   or   other   individual   may   hire   us   to   conduct   surveillance to   confirm   their   suspicions,   gather   evidence   to   enact   a   protective   order,   or   ensure   they   are   abiding   by   the   law   and   not   violating   a   current protective order.

Family / Drug / Alcohol Issues

If   you   need   the   peace   of   mind   to   confirm   a   suspicion   on   any   family   matters,   we   are   very   understanding,   empathetic   and   patient   to   listen and   give   you   no   pressure   options   to   decide   on   which   action   you   wish   to   take.      If   there   are   suspicions   such   as   alcohol,   drug   and   or   gambling addictions, we can assist with very sensitive surveillance undertaken to confirm these activities.

Nuisance / Deliberate damage / Vandalism

Many   homes,   properties   and   vehicles   have   been   the   victim   of   vandalism,   graffiti,   and   deliberate   damage.      Attacks   that   are   more   serious include    the    harming    of    pets,    slashing    car    tyres,    setting    fires,    and    revenge    attacks.        Toowoomba    Investigations    can    conduct    a    risk assessment   of   your   circumstances   in   order   to   minimise   your   exposure   to   these   attacks.      There   are   several   ways   to   gather   evidence   of   the culprits.  These include hidden camera or mobile surveillance that has proven highly successful and effective. For information on surveillance and investigation costs please visit our prices page If you have any other questions or concerns please dont hesitate to contact us for more information…