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Payment method

Payment can be made by either internet bank transfer, direct deposit payment at the Commonwealth bank, or by cash. Payments must clear or have a confirmation receipt prior to the job starting. Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Account Name: Toowoomba Investigations BSB: 062-692 Account Number: 25482807 ***Please include your surname as a reference so we may track your payment.
4 hours  =  $360  5 hours  =  $450  6 hours  =  $540   7 hours  =  $630 8 hours  =  $720 9 hours  =  $810  10 hours  =  $900 11 hours  =  $990 Database Search =  Varies in price   EXAMPLE COST OF SURVEILLANCE BLOCKS:

Investigation & Surveillance Prices

o Toowoomba Investigations charge a standard hourly rate for investigations. o The cost of an investigation is a flat rate fee of $90.00 per hour. o If you purchase a 4 hour block of Surveillance, the agent will conduct 4 hours of surveillance from the starting time that you had instructed. o After the investigation, a further 1-3hrs will be included in the price at no extra cost to you, to cover for the report and video evidence to be prepared. o The minimum Surveillance time block is 4 hours. o Purchased Surveillance time blocks may be split depending on circumstances and/or by negotiation. o Travel time & KM are also included in the price, however additional fees such as necessary entry to venues and events etc. as necessary may cost extra. o Skip Tracing/People Locates/Database Search - PRICE VARIES PLEASE ASK FOR A QUOTE